The Legend Of Ben Hall

Writer: Matthew Holmes
Director: Matthew Holmes
Producer/s: Matthew Holmes, Russel Cunningham, Michael Favelle, Ross Angelo
Credit: Running Panda's Director Suzie Whyte as "Costume Supervisor"
After two years running from the law, bushranger Ben Hall has gone into hiding, he is soon drawn back into bushranging by the reappearance of his old friend, John Gilbert. Reforming the gang and taking on a new recruit John Dunn, the trio begin a spree of robberies and crimes across New South Wales. After the killing of two policemen, the three become the most wanted men in colony.

When the Government moves to declare them outlaws that can be shoot on sight by any person who chooses, Ben Hall makes desperate plans to flee the colony. With such a large bounty on their heads, treachery abounds where they least expect it.