Our mission is to be an internationally recognized multi-faceted production company deeply immersed within the local industry.

As storytellers, we aim to create a true representation of Australian culture through diversity in our content and innovative strategies. Our core values ensure our profitability and growth while exceeding customer expectations and engaging audiences in the international marketplace.


Running Panda is a complete one stop production house with a team of dedicated professionals. Our full service team will work with you managing content from concept, development and production through to post and delivery.

Jess Pearce

Head Of Production

Suzie Whyte

Head Of Creative Direction

Ang Vogt

Production Assistant

Cass Jones

Production Assistant


Inspire diversity and cultural awareness.


Growth and sustainability.


Engaging high quality content.

Love what you do

The heading says it all!

Research, Adapt, Innovate

Grow and adapt in the marketplace.

Never Stop Learning

Learn, learn, and learn some more.


Driven and passionate storytelling.


Building strong relationships to create visually engaging content.



1As storytellers, our teams value innovation and creating engaging content whether in a film or for a brand. We evaluate each product, business, person and film to understand it’s unique place in the market and tailor our ideas to best suit.


2Our iterative process allows for a clear, creative and collaborative process in bringing stories and content to life. Our network of highly skilled crew and industry professionals work hand in hand with you as a part of the Running Panda Family.


3At Running Panda, our team’s experience and passion for what we do ensures a guarantee on the level of service and quality of the product. We love what we do and can’t wait to work with you!